Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Trippy Tapestries

Trippy Tapestries

Psychedelic and trippy tapestries are one of the coolest kinds of tapestry around. There is an infinite number of crazy designs that can be done with tie dye and wacky colour schemes. Trippy tapestry designs are actually fairly popular at the moment. I think this is due to the rise in bohemian/hippie styles which are complimented strongly by vibrant colours. 

You can check out our collection of  awesome trippy wall hangings and see what you think. The page is going to be updated with a whole bunch of new crazy tapestries soon which you're going to want to see! There is a good variety of psychedelic craziness for you to check out. The main theme is of course tie dye but there are lots of other styles of art featured. Have a look and see what you think!

If you're thinking to get a trippy tapestry, it's best to plan out how you want it your room first. They can work incredibly well if you have the right decor and items nearby. They can however, create quite a clash if you don't plan ahead. My suggestion would be to add in some tribal style ornaments like in the photo above!

If you don't have any ornaments or don't want them, these tapestries can still work really well. Just be sure to have surroundings that compliment the aesthetics of your wall hanging. If you're wondering what kind of things will complement the wall tapestry, just head over to Amazon or Etsy and have a good dig through related products. You will find all sorts of cool stuff that will work fantastically with the tapestry.

One amazing and cheap way to make your trippy tapestry really pop out is to use plants! Plants have a very hippie, boho vibe which is exactly what you're looking for. My personal favourite is the spider plant. These plants can grow to be quite large and they look absolutely gorgeous when hung from the roof in a basket.

Crystals are another solid choice. You will find countless different colours of crystals and gemstones online. They don't even have to be overly expensive. There are tonnes of cheap and gorgeous crystals on Amazon, Etsy and countless other sites. Pick a set of crystals the compliment the colour scheme of your trippy wall hanging. If you have chosen one with colder colours, then get blue and white crystals etc. I'm sure you get the idea, it's a really fun way to do decorating and there are loads of different routes and options for you to go down.

Lastly it's worth noting that trippy tapestries are the ultimate party decor. If you are planning on having a big party with your awesome hippie friends, be sure to get a trippy tapestry setup in the room where you're going to be. Your friends will absolutely love it, I can guarantee it! As the party rocks on into the night some of your friends will probably start to have conversations with the tapestry, this is an infinite source of amusement and fun, just be safe!

The video below features some awesome home made trippy greatness. You could easily do something like this yourself, tie dye kits are super cheap!

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