Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting Cheap Tapestries

There are many wonderful tapestries out there of all different styles. One complaint I often here though is that they are a bit expensive. While I disagree on the whole, I must admit some of them can be quite pricey. The Society6 tapestries for example, are a bit expensive. You have to understand though that these are custom prints of peoples artwork, not just generic tapestries pumped out of a factory!

Anyway I thought I would create a page collecting together some cheap tapestries for you to check out. The page is going to be updated soon to have loads more, but the idea is to have tapestries which are nice and affordable. You can take them on an outing to eat your dinner on and not worry about it getting ruined. These cheap wall hangings are really great because they actually look top quality, and they are! I own the Zodiac one and it's a fantastically made tapestry which only cost me $9!

If you are yet to get a tapestry I highly recommend visiting the page and checking these cheap wall tapestries. If it's not up to scratch or gets ruined, who cares its only $10! If you love the tapestry and how it looks in your home it may encourage you to spend a bit more on a personalised one. Or you may be perfectly happy with your cheap and cheerful tapestry!

Cheap tapestries also make fantastic gifts. We all know that awful feeling of getting our cousin an expensive gift knowing with all our heart they will love it, only to see that classic fake gratitude smile. Well now we don't have to give a monkey's what they think! Chances are that if you pick the right tapestry for the right person they will actually love it. If you go for a nice cheap wall hanging then it's no big deal if they don't. It's not like buying a fancy piece of jewellery only to realise in horror that it's too narrow to fit them...

Another fantastic route we can go down is to actually make our own tapestry! This is by far the cheapest option if you do it properly and best of all you can totally customise your tapestry to whatever you want. I would advise heading over to Amazon and checking out some of the tie dye kits they have. This is the best way to get started.

This video below can be used as a creative inspiration. You can see she has totally gone for her own style and has a talent for drawing. If you are really crap at drawing but still want to make your own then the tie dye route is definitely the best option. You can get some really crazy awesome designs even if you barely know what you're doing. It's such a cheap way to get fantastic results, all it takes is a little time and effort. I have done it before with t-shirts instead of tapestries and got fantastic results. You could even sell them if you make some really cool ones!

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