Thursday, 11 August 2016

Elephant Tapestries

Elephant Tapestries

Hey dudes, we have a new page dedicated to elephant tapestries over on toptapestries. Elephants are awesome creatures, they are absolutely massive yet somehow majestic at the same time. If you want to see some cool elephant tapestries head over to the page and check out our collection. We have put together a wide variety of different styles and will continue to add more as the site gains traction!

When using elephant decor and items in your home, I would advise having some different ornaments nearby depending on the type of elephant! For example you may want to use some Indian themed items if it's an Indian elephant and African type stuff like drums for an African elephant. If you can create a really original and identifiable theme in your house, it will look really great and appealing to your visitors. It will also uplift the mood like so many tapestries do and help to create a really comfortable environment.

If you're into the more cartoon or cute style elephant tapestries, you should try to compliment it in the same way. You may want to add some fairy lights to create a really soft atmosphere and even some candles for the ultimate relaxation area. I would actually advise creating a zone or area that you can totally chill out in. You probably already have something like this but I feel it's essential (especially in this day and age) to have somewhere you can detox from society and totally tune in to your own thoughts.

A sanctuary is what I mean, I suppose. A place where you can meditate, listen to music and just be alone. Having a tapestry in this space is a brilliant way to make it your own. Personally I think an elephant wall hanging is perfect for these zone out areas. There is something about them that is very hard to describe but they are such intelligent animals that it feels like it rubs off and sends you into deep thought. If you had a dog tapestry or something then sure its adorable but it doesn't have that same enchanting look that makes you drift off into thought. The tapestry above is one of my favourites because it looks like the elephant is gazing right into your soul. Like he has an important message he is trying to communicate...

Whatever style of tapestry you choose, just make sure it really vibes with you. If you have a partner check to see if they like it and if not, try find one you will both like. With such a vast array of wall hangings out there you will surely find something!

There is also a huge collection of tapestries over at Society6 which you can check out. There is some really great art on their website and it's definitely worth a look!

We would like to hear feedback on what kind of tapestries you would like to see next. If you have any suggestions please head over to our website and drop us an email! Also check out this short video which has some really cool elephant tapestries. It doesn't have any of the cool ones from Society6 but they're still pretty awesome!

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