Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cool Surf Tapestry

Cool Surf Tapestry

Check out this super awesome psychedelic surf tapestry. I found it on Amazon while checking out the latest awesome tapestries. It's a bit expensive but it really looks fantastic. I'm sure if the quality is good then it would be worth the money

I really like the attention to detail in this tapestry. The waves have insanely intricate lines and patterns flowing through the, The colours are also really well chosen. Using hot and cold colours can be a real gamble but the artist really knew what they were doing and created beautiful contrast.

The mandala pattern in the centre of the tapestry (the sun) is also technically brilliant. It contains vast amounts of detail and really has that trippy hippie vibe.

Overall I'm a huge fan of this tapestry even though it's slightly expensive.

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